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Content Marketing… Onward and Upward

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T60’s last newsletter… summer of 2012. Ugg.

Okay… this week we’ve been celebrating our 500th blog post with a look back, a look forward and today I’m focusing on how we plan to improve upon our content marketing strategy.

It’s nice to share

The biggest thing I hope to do is reach out to other bloggers and content creators to share across platforms. I’d love to provide them with content, and I’d enjoy sharing some of theirs. Along those lines, I’m proud to report Gini Dietrich has asked me to write an article for Spin Sucks Pro… thinking I might do a bit more than that. Look out Gini.

come on Tony, get ‘er done

I’d also like to give our newsletters some more attention. You’d think a guy who has churned out 500 blog posts in three and a half years could manage one newsletter a month. I don’t know what my mental block is there, but I’m working on it.

That’s about it. Very proud of the blogging milestone, but it’s onward an upward.


How about you… any suggestions for me? What sort of video marketing content are you craving that we might be able to help satisfy?

–Tony Gnau

Gini Dietrich And Spin Sucks Coming To Life

gini-dietrich-on-podcastingI try to read spinsucks.com everyday. There are tons of PR/marketing blogs, but Gini Dietrich and her team of guest writers consistently churn out some great content.

Guess what… she’s even better in person.

After having read hundreds of her blog posts, yesterday was the first time I’ve watched her speak to a group. It was the blog come to life… really good stuff.

Gini and I met… what… a couple of years ago? She has become a client, and I’m proud that she’s recommended T60 to her clients. One of them was hosting an internal town hall meeting yesterday and Gini was presenting. I was shooting the town hall for a webcast, so I got to see her in action.

She basically gave a social media lesson to the company’s employees. Some of it was business-related, but she talked a lot about the dangers facing all of them as parents. I’ll tell you, I was pretty impressed with the company for bringing her in to do this.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the direction PR and marketing are going, you need to start listening to her. She has a book, and apparently another one coming soon. At the very least, you should read spinsucks.com.

And if you ever have a chance to see her do her thing in person, buy that ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

–Tony Gnau

Gini Dietrich Adds To My Must-Read List

Another book to read. I feel like my list never gets any shorter. This time it’s courtesy Gini Dietrich.

Gini is a marketing and public relations pro, and she may very well work 25-hours a day. She apparently wrote this book on weekends. Can you say, “overachiever!?”

Actually, she’s pretty awesome. We’ve only known each other for a little over a year, but she’s taught me a lot. My PR/marketing education started by reading her hugely success blog (spinsucks.com), continued with our occasional get-togethers, and will move forward when I download the Kindle version of Marketing in the Round.

She and her co-author Geoff Livingston are breaking down corporate silos and sharing their marketing strategies with all of us. T60 shot a video for the book launch today, and we hope to roll it out soon.

Bottom line, these two know what they’re talking about. They’re big time, and you should probably add their book to your must-read list as well.

–Tony Gnau

T60 Meets Spin Sucks

If you’re in PR, you probably read the blog spinsucks.com. If you don’t, start. If you’re not in the biz but want to learn a little something about PR or marketing, start reading it. It’s the first blog I read everyday.

Gini Dietrich is the CEO of Arment Dietrich and the woman behind spinsucks.com. She’s a real pro and I’m happy to announce that T60 is going to be working with her and her team on a regular basis.

Gini and I met via her blog. I started making regular comments… she kept responding… next think you know we’re trading emails and bouncing ideas off one another. It led to me basically insisting that she let T60 upgrade the vlog portion of spinsuck.com.

Every Thursday, Gini answers her Facebook Question of the Week using a FlipCam video (see past videos). Nothing was wrong with the videos, but there was definitely some room for improvement. She didn’t need much convincing.

Starting tomorrow you can see what we came up with… changing focal lengths, a few graphics, add some music… upgrade complete!

Why should you care? It’s a great example of how you can transform a “simple” talk-to-camera vlog into a visually interesting video (read more about that).

So… tomorrow… head over to spinsucks.com to see our handy work. We’ll be continuing to produce her Facebook Question of the Week vlogs for the foreseeable future.

–Tony Gnau

Fear Not, Trust In Video

PR maestro Gini Dietrich recently blogged about the reasons she’s heard why some executives refuse to buy-in to the social media scene. Frankly, many of the reasons are legit, but that doesn’t give these business leaders a free pass.

The truth is many of them are simply afraid, but if they could fight through their fears there are now opportunities to do great things… connect with clients and prospects… market in ways companies couldn’t do in the past.

Hello? Video! Companies can now deliver video on their own terms.

Video allows companies to take clients and prospects behind-the scenes, introduce them to great people at the business, and show how the company is solving clients’ problems.

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, email campaigns… they’re all in play. Any company that embraces social media can harness the power of video.

–Tony Gnau

PR/Marketing Accountability Gets A Video Boost

PR and marketing maestro Gini Dietrich blogged last week at spinsuck.com about measuring public relations success, and she included a list of things PR pros should hold themselves accountable for everyday.

  • Sales
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead generation
  • Lead conversion
  • Thought leadership
  • Web traffic
  • Brand awareness

I posted a response thanking Gini for making my sales pitch for me since I feel like video can help accomplish those tasks. She asked me to elaborate, so here was my take.

Sales: video can be a terrific sales tool. It allows you to show customers what your product or service is all about. Not just write or talk about it, but actually show them. It’s not just words on a screen. Your company is a living breathing thing, with real people behind it. Video transports the customer, giving them a sense of what you’re about and the people who make it all happen.

Lead nurturing / Lead generation / Lead conversion: videos do a great job in these three areas. Working in reverse order… videos are a great way to lead conversation. Posting a quality video that focuses on the audience’s needs via social media is bound to generate some sort of response. The more you’re able to do that, guess what happens? The more likely your brand will grow and the more your brand grows the more leads will flow your way. Once you have those new customers, continuing to post videos will only solidify that base. Especially if you figure out ways to incorporate your customers into your videos (essentially promoting them as well).

Thought leadership: videos take it to a whole new level. Addressing the issues facing your industry and your customers can position you as a leader in your field. Anyone can write about those challenges. Only a company that’s incredibly dedicated is going to produce quality videos to take on important trends. The better your videos and the more you do them on a consistent basis, the more people will turn to your business for your opinion and your solutions.

Web traffic: is there any doubt videos drive web traffic? There’s a ton of data out there supporting this. It’s a no brainer, web surfers are more apt to watch a quality video than read pages of text.

Brand awareness: video is all about brand, but this comes with a word of caution. In many cases, good quality video brands you as a good quality company. Crappy video brands you as… well… you get the picture. If you’re going to do something, do it right. Video leaves a lasting impression on people so treat it that way.

–Tony Gnau

Thank You Gini Dietrich!

Is she awesome or what!?  PR pro… blogging maestro… and easily wooed by a latte. Gini and I have been e-friends for a short while, and we finally managed to get together for coffee this week. A few days later, she honors me with a #FollowFriday on spinsucks.com. Totally cool!

For those of you joining us here for the first time… welcome. Friday’s are typically my day off from blogging, but there’s usually something new every Monday through Thursday.

Speaking of lattes, I actually just saw a Starbucks video I’m going to blog about on Monday, so please come back for that! In the meantime, feel free to look back at our previous posts.

Anyway, thanks for coming… hope to hear from you in the future… please feel free to share your Gini Dietrich stories. 🙂

–Tony Gnau