Interactive Marketing Scores

photoLast Monday, I basically declared it “Video in Public Places Week.” Then, I went on to completely blow-off the idea and not write about video in public places the rest of the week. Today, I’m writing about video in a public place, but I’m not declaring it “Video in Public Places Week.”

I know, right? Get it together Tony!

Well, this was one of the posts I was planning last week before the last Twinkies got in the way.

photo-1It’s a video kiosk I noticed while walking to a Chicago-AMA (American Marketing Association) event. I spotted it outside a realtor’s office, and it featured videos of all sorts of apartments for rent around the city.

I stopped to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. The videos weren’t anything special, but they were decent. Just video of the apartments set to music, but they shot actual video. A lot of real estate videos are simply slide shows of still photos attempting to pass themselves off as video. These were the genuine article.

I’d be curious to hear from the realtor as to how effective the kiosk has been. If the idea was to catch my attention and get me to interact with their listings, I guess it’s mission accomplished because that’s exactly what I did.

It’s no wonder. That’s where video excels. It catches the audience’s attention, then reels them in. The key is to find the right type of video and make it work for your business.

–Tony Gnau

2 responses to “Interactive Marketing Scores

  1. I tried this at an old office I worked at, but used a computer mouse monted on a pad outside and the kids broke it. Hot some views though.

    • Tony: yeah… this was a different system. If you click on the top photo, it will give you a better view. Basically, each video has a code and you punch it in on the keypad. Seemed to work pretty well.

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